Receive a free MyoVision scan and find out how stressed your spine is

Local chiropractor Julian Keel is offering a FREE 15 minute scan and report session at his clinic in Mortiboys Dental Spa situated in East Horsley – Effingham borders, between Cobham and Guildford. The MyoVision scan takes little time, is painless, non-invasive and is completely safe (including for children, the elderly and during pregnancy).

Ever wondered what it would look like to see the tension in your muscles?

MyoVision’s technology is a step closer to making that a reality. Using hi-tech equipment originally developed for NASA, the MyoVision sEMG scanning device reads the voltage that the muscles in your spine are naturally emitting.

The readings taken show the levels and patterns of voltage. The clever software displays this information in a helpful colour on-screen representation. This information allows your healthcare professional to determine if your spine and nervous system are functioning optimally. You can see in an instant the stress or tension in the muscles or where they may be under performing.


Based on your scan findings, you will receive helpful information and advice from experienced Chiropractor Julian Keel and a copy of the scan can be emailed to you.


To book your free, no obligation scan and report appointment to find out how stressed your spine is, please call 01483 281428







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