Golf and Chiropractic – A Winning Formula?

Golf Back PainGolf is a challenging (and often frustrating) sport. Many golfers believe the psychological component of the game is the greatest challenge and most golfers believe better equipment will help them play better. It’s these beliefs and disregarding the importance of biomechanics and conditioning  that eventually lead to poor play or injury.

At Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare, I’ve seen plenty of amateur and a few pro golfers over the years.  I enjoy the game myself and can relate with my patients who play. I’m also been keen to approach my game with fitness, strength and flexibilty – having learned from a qualified golf strength and conditioning trainer. I can therefore highly recommend chiropractic and the right forms of exercise to help your game.

Chiropractors, of course, also treat golf-related injuries and imbalances when they occur. The most common problems are injuries to the neck, back, shoulder, hip, elbow and wrist.

A common complaint is back pain, most probably due to an inefficient golf swing creating stress on the back. Up to 10 times a person’s body weight is exerted on the spine during the golf swing and every joint involved in the swing is taken through its maximum range so if the body is not properly prepared, injury will eventually result.

Elbow pain is commonly experienced by amateur golfers due to the lack of golf-specific flexibility – most amateurs bend their elbow during the back-swing and then hyper-extend during the downswing. Wrist problems can develop as a result of repetitive hitting of the ball out of the rough.

According to Troy Van Biezen, DC, a Dallas-based chiropractor who works with professional golfers, four out of five golfers experience back pain as a result of repetitive swinging. “Regular chiropractic care helps alleviate back pain and greatly improves an athlete’s game,” says Dr. Van Biezen. “Neck, shoulder, elbow and hip pain are also frequent complaints among golfers of all ages. Chiropractic care is an effective [drug-free] solution for golfers who seek to rid themselves of pain and have a successful and enjoyable game.”

Dr. Van Biezen has traveled with the PGA Tour for more than 13 years. His main goal is to be sure his clients are as symmetrical as possible in all planes of motion. This helps them get into positions for the golf swing that are efficient and repeatable. “I strongly believe chiropractic care is a must for all ages to play injury free, and for game improvement,” he says. “The game of golf is hard enough — why have your body working against you?”

All athletes are looking for that edge that will improve their game, which is a “big reason why chiropractors are being more utilised in sports,” says Dr. Van Biezen. “I feel very strongly that players who regularly use chiropractors or travel with them full time stay healthier and don’t get injured as frequently as players who do not use chiropractic.”

JORDAN SPIETH Attributes Masters Win to Chiropractic

Pro golfer Jordan Spieth calls golf a team sport – referring to the contributions made by his caddie, coach, trainer and manager and chiropractor.

Spieth has received chiropractic care since he was 14 helping prevent injuries and to optimise overall health and athletic performance. “Dr. Van Biezen is an important member of my team, and thanks to his care, my all-time dream of winning the Masters Tournament has become a reality,” Spieth says.

Dr. Van Biezen travels full time with Spieth, providing chiropractic care once or twice daily. “An individualised chiropractic care plan, including prevention and recovery-focused techniques, is essential for maintaining good health and gives Jordan a competitive edge,” notes Dr. Van Biezen.

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