Chiropractic maintenance care – it’s a bit like looking after your engine.

Do you get your car serviced regularly? Now how about your spine?

When your car’s low oil light comes on what do you do? Do you top up your engine straight away with some good quality grade engine oil or do you just apply some black sticky tape over that little flashing light so you don’t have to be reminded any longer?

spine check light

You no doubt know that if you ignore the warning light, there’s a high probability that your car’s engine will seize up at some point causing a pricey and painful outcome. However, maybe you are checking your dipstick regularly and topping up oil when needed and light might not come on in the first place.

The same principle applies to your spine and regular Chiropractic check-ups.

As human beings are constantly faced with different daily stresses – physical, emotional and chemical, the body’s response can be to tense up. This held tension can have an impact on our spine and nervous system function.

This study shows some encouraging evidence for ongoing chiropractic care.

Getting behind on maintenance can mean that the ‘warning light’ is pain and stiffness. However, it’s worth considering that by the time you’re in pain, it’s likely  you’ve already been out of alignment for quite a long time. Don’t ‘black tape’ the pain by ignoring it or taking pain-masking medication – ring for an appointment to get your spine adjusted today to avoid a potentially costly and more severe ‘seize-up’ tomorrow.

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