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Stay Top of the Class with Tips from Horsley Chiropractor Julian Keel

Keep Children Free of Aches and Pains with Top Tips from Your Horsley ChiropractorMy two eldest daughters have gone back to school energised and enthused and ready to face the term ahead. I know though that to stay on top form in the face of colder weather, shorter days, back to school illnesses and the hustle and bustle of busy school life, they need to stay strong and take good care of themselves.

In my chiropractic clinics in Horsley and Barnes I see many children who suffer from aches and pains and a host of different complaints.

There are some really simple things they can do at home to help keep strong.  Here are my Horsley Chiropractor ‘Do It Yourself’ tips for keeping top of the class:

  1. Get enough good quality sleep – go to bed early enough and make sure all computer, games consoles, mobile devices or television screens are off at least an hour before sleeptime. The light from screens has been shown to disrupt melatonin (the body’s sleep chemical).
  2. Have a proper breakfast – make the portions generous and packed with quality nutrition.  This important meal really does set you up for the day. Eat energy sustaining foods such as eggs, or cereals like porridge or muesli with yogurt and fruit. Avoid sugar – it only gives you short -lived energy and is known to suppress your immune system and some forms of sugar are toxic to the body!
  3. Use a rucksack to carry your school stuff – carrying only the things you need for that day and nothing extra. Of course you need to make sure you use BOTH shoulder straps to help distribute the load evenly.
  4. Warm up before sport and stretch out afterwards – keep your joints flexible and your muscles in good shape.
  5. Sit well – you will be sitting down a lot, so make sure you sit well, use your postural muscles to keep you upright and don’t slouch. Don’t sit like a pecking chicken! Try not to have your head forward of your body when your reading or working at a screen, keep it so your ears are in line with the middle of your shoulders to save those poor neck muscles.

If you are feeling any aches or pains from sitting, sports or any mysterious ‘growing pains’ and you want an expert opinion on how to feel better, I am qualified to diagnose, treat and give advice for many common and not so common childhood ailments.

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